Numerous reports highlight and confirm dramatic developments associated with changing demographics. The combined composition of the US and global consumer and political markets reflect a world that is growing in its heterogeneity and ethnic, age and gender diversity. These population shifts are occurring rapidly, with an indelible effect on public policy, consumer patterns, voter composition, constituent services, talent recruitment, retention and promotion, and business and marketing strategies for years to come.  Consider the following:

• Politics

Current ethno-demographic shifts are dramatic. In approximately one generation (27 years), persons of color will comprise a collective majority of the US population. By 2060, there will be 22 majority-minority states in the US, representing about two-thirds of the country’s population. These trends will affect composition of the eligible voter pool, and by extrapolation, those who will be needed to support civic engagement activities beyond the election cycles.

• Consumers
Source: Nielsen — The Multicultural Edge: Rising Super Consumers, March 2015