CELIE’s programs are supported by world-class professionals and practices that allow participants and funders to accelerate innovation and scale outcomes, transforming communities and organizations in the process.

Civic Engagement

PolicyThink® and the Freedom Factory® are CELIE’s signature civic engagement programs, providing world-class resources, tools, training and other resources to local, state and community leaders, national associations, institutions of higher education, non-profits, advocates, activists, community organizations, grantees, strategic allies/partners and others.

PolicyThink® allows us to provide customized convenings; including conferences, summits, focus groups and community engagement activities. Through the Freedom Factory®, we offer an advocacy academy and related programs that provide civic-engagement training for persons and organizations seeking more profound engagement at the national level with Congress, federal agencies, and the White House.

Theory of Change: Providing American people with information and tools enlisted by Washington influencers is an intervention that can accelerate change, and help sustain a robust American democracy and legislative process. We believe that if more Americans constructively engage with Congress and the White House, the work of government officials will benefit more Americans.

Diversity & Inclusion

GWIZ® (Global Workforce Inclusion Zone) supports public-private, multi-sectorial research, information dissemination, training, special initiatives, and other efforts that address diversity and inclusion challenges and opportunities relevant to the US and global markets.

Theory of Change: Disruptively innovative approaches are needed to accelerate advancement in the areas of diversity and inclusion (D &I). An authentically multicultural organization, enlisting the assistance of master-level advisors, collaborators and contributors, is necessary to accelerate achievement and advance private and public sector priorities related to diversity and inclusion (D&I). We will provide critical perspective, knowledge, access to diverse talent and relationships — all of which are supported by a history of working with underserved and diverse communities, and a deep understanding of the best in current and next practices related to D & I.

Women and Girls

XXTRA Special and Free® (Women who Take Responsibility and Action are “XXTRA” Special and Free) supports programs, internships, scholarships and other activities that advance the engagement of women of color in democracy and private sector industries. Our programs empower participants, partners and sponsors to address real life, career, educational and policy matters relevant to women and girls of color with passion, accountability, accuracy and cultural authenticity.

Theory of Change: Women of color represent 8 out of 10 women in the world and soon will comprise a collective majority in the United States. Moving forward, new, innovative programs designed to equip them with the tools and resources needed to thrive as students, professionals and leaders of organizational change are necessary and relevant.