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A downloadable free copy of The Next Thing: Civic Engagement Guide for Communities of Color and Millennials During the Trump Presidency is available here. To download the Guide, please take the Next Thing Pledge, and provide information needed to ensure you receive our updates and newsletter.

If you like, CELIE also will connect you to a cause or program in the policy issue area(s) where you have an interest and would like to engage. There are three steps: (1) sign The Next Thing Pledge (2) share information we need to contact you after we identify organizations and causes that reflect your interests; and (3) provide information about your interests and what type of contribution you want to make, or information you want to receive.

If you just want to download the Guide, just take the pledge and provide name, email and other information requested below.

The Next Thing Pledge

* I am someone who cares about others and who seeks not only to do the right thing, but the next thing needed to help those who are unable to help themselves. I agree to commit to a cause that I care about, and to support the adoption of public policies that empower and increase opportunity for everyone, including myself and the community to which I belong.

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