Turning Setbacks into Success

In every person’s career, there are pivotal moments that stand out. These experiences can range from landing your dream internship to being made partner at a firm, and each holds its own set of lessons. However, I’d argue that the setbacks and failures we experience shape us equally as much as our successes. We are defined by our failures, the lessons we choose to learn, and how close we stay to the pulse of change in order to keep up with market transitions. I’d like to share a few are key lessons I’ve learned:

Make your weaknesses your strengths.

I was diagnosed with dyslexia at a young age, and in third and fourth grade, it was so severe that my teachers doubted that I would even go to college. However, with the help of special teachers and mentors, I learned how to think differently, enabling me to not only overcome the challenge of dyslexia, but to turn it into a strength in business. I can jump quickly from A to B to Z, making it easy to see the bigger picture even faster, identify opportunities and problems, and see how business propositions will play out from start to finish.

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